About us

The Beginning

JazzyToes was founded in 2007 by two mothers with the goal of expanding the designs/range for boys. The mothers started with socks, because socks are something that every baby needs. Why would you put boring solid color socks on your baby, when your baby can rock super fun and cute socks! Socks are also a great gift item, since the socks are cute and practical. Babies can always use an extra pair of socks! The company has since grown and is still run by loving parents that want to provide fun and exciting designs their little ones and the little ones all over the world.

Awesome Socks!

All of our fun socks come with a non-skid grip that assists the child when learning to stand and walk.   Most of JazzyToes are available in 2 sizes, 0-12M and 12-24M, however we also make our very popular Variety sets for boys and girls in a larger Preschooler size that fits children from 2-4 years old.  We also offer a  Newborn size in the Bamboo Collection, a smaller  0-6 month sock to fit newborns. The JazzyToes collection has expanded from  the original 12 designs: 6 for boys and 6 for girls, to many different choices of adorable items! The collection keeps expanding, so check back often!

The Complete Package!

In addition to creating the coolest socks, we wanted to make the gifting experience more convenient.  JazzyToes has designed a ready-to-mail gift box, so you only need to write the address, add postage, and mail!  The special packaging saves on additional shipping cartons, packing materials, and postage. This saves trees and the environment, it also make$ cent$ ;) Look for the cheaper ready-to-mail shipping option on many of our items, called the First Class Gift option. Our Bamboo Collection packaging was designed specifically for those conscious of the environment, the packaging is made from recycled materials and printed with vegetable based inks. Our packaging for our other products may not be ready to mail, but we still focus on packaging that is easy to gift, and looks great!