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Sock Trolls? Free Sock Replacement

We've all had it happen, a sock goes missing in the laundry. 6 socks go in, 5 come out? How is that possible! Is it the work of those silly little Sock Trolls? Does the dryer EAT them? Its so frustrating!!! Arghh!!!! Or did the sock ever go in the laundry....the mystery continues...

Well stress no more! At JazzyToes we feel your pain, and whatever the reason for the missing sock, we will gladly replace it! Every set of socks is eligible for a replacement sock if one goes missing. All that you need to do is fill out the sock replacement form, and we will gladly send out the replacement sock for you. Please fill the form out completely, and make sure you enter each field completely. If you can't figure out which set the sock is from, take a look on our site to see what set it may have come from. All of our socks show the sock size on the bottom, with the exception of our newborn, or preschooler sizes, to help with differentiating between those socks in your drawer. Also be sure to enter which color/design the sock is from your set.



Unfortunately at this time free sock replacement is only for USA customers. We will gladly replace socks for international customers for the price of shipping. Fill out the form below and a Customer Service Assistant will be in touch with details on replacing your sock.


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